"La navette"


Vous arrivez à Dol de Bretagne par le TGV, nous venons vous chercher GRACIEUSEMENT, avec vos baguages et vélos!!!

Bienvenue !!!


Sur le site officiel du camping "Le Tenzor de la Baie** " à mi-chemin entre Saint Malo et le Mont Saint Michel, à 30...

Vente de Mobil home


Vous cherchez une résidence secondaire??? Accessible à l'année??? Au coeur du village de Cherrueix?? Voici un des mod...

Upper Brittany

Must-sees nearby...

Saint Malo


Watch the sunset on Saint Malo's wide sandy beach or take a stroll around the ramparts in this Corsair town which is steeped in history. Cobbled streets lined with shops and restaurants, a church in the town centre and a marina where sailing enthusiasts gather...
Saint Malo, is also great for hiking, excursions, art, rock festivals, spa treatments and much more...

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Mont Saint Michel.


You can’t possibly visit Upper Brittany and not visit Mont Saint Michel. But make sure you go early in the morning (9am) before the rush of tourists, or in the evening at about 8pm when you can admire the sculpted facades, gargoyles, stained glass windows etc, at your own pace…

Watch the tide come galloping in around the « rock », a fascinating sight.

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We have a wide range of tourist information leaflets at the reception to help you plan your visits: Castles, animal parks, menhirs, leisure parks, aquarium... so many amazing places to visit.

Dol de Bretagne


Dol de Bretagne, a medieval town, became one of the first diocese in Brittany in the 6th century. The king of Brittany, Nominöe, was crowned here in 848. Dol’s cathedral is a fine example of religious art.

One of the oldest houses in Brittany, the « Maison des Petits Palets » evokes the Scandinavians who regularly visited the area many years ago.

Dol de Bretagne also offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages!



Discover Dinan, a medieval town, and the Rance in a barge…
Take a stroll along the cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses and take a step back in time.

Get your cameras ready to visit 
the pretty villages of character !